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What new can I write for this island?

I will try to write what I have heard and lived for the island where I was born. I'm no writer but will do my best.

Mykonos is located beside the famous Cycladian island of Delos and that is why it has become known. Only from Mykonos could anyone visited Delos and he was one of the reasons why he became so famous worldwide.
In early mythology, the first reference to Delos began with its appearance as a non-visible rock that floated aimlessly about the sea, formed when Asteria, sister of Leto, was turned into a rock following her pursuit by Zeus. He later pursued and impregnated Leto, resulting in an angry outburst by his wife, Hera, who connived with other gods to prevent Leto from giving birth anywhere in the world and under the sun. And so Leto wandered, yet her time drew closer to the birth.
Zeus appealed to his brother, Poseidon, to help them find some place, somewhere in the sea where Leto could rest and eventually give birth to Zeus’ child. Poseidon then took the invisible floating rock called Adelos [the invisible] and anchored it to the sea with four columns of rock-hard diamond chains and then renamed it Delos [the visible]. Leto promised to Delos that she would make the island the richest in the realm if Delos would allow her to rest here and to give birth to her child, and that the child would never leave the rock. And so it was agreed, and Leto alighted to the Sacred Lake where one palm tree grew at its center. There, Leto, unaided, since Hera had forbidden Eileithuia to assist her, gave birth to twins; the first was Artemis, goddess of the hunt and virginity. Nine days later, she gave birth to Apollo, god of truth and light.
Delos was the religious and economic centre of ancient Greece and the geographic centre of the Cyclades. The excavations in the 19th century revealed the city of Delos, the theatres, the "lion avenue" and other archaeological discoveries. The prewar and first postwar visitors of Mykonos came in order that they could visit Delos. Charmed by the (then) virgin beauty of Mykonos and its residents, the early tourists expounded its unique attractions which has made it famous all over the world.



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