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I wonder how it was then - Mykonos ?
Then they had a electrical generator only for the Hora (town) and for every house one lamp.
Then they fishermen fished for no profession, but to live their familial.
Then the children walked the summertime barefoot.
Then the kids swam in the St. Anna and the voices of their games, heard throughout the Hora as a concert sparrows.
Then we slept without closed door with key.
Then we spoke our dialect without shame.
Then they saw their greengrocers to sell on the donkey (which now tend to disappear) milk, potatoes, eggplants, green beans, and anything else that gave them a huge effort this barren land.
Then children played marbles, tig and were not locked in the house to watch television or play videogames.
Then they windmills with all their sails openly worked, grinding wheat or barley to make flour and . the whistling of wind through their antennas, the smell of flour and that miller, the sweetest person; how can I forget him - and all the others?
Then the porters, shoeless, who carried the supplies on their back. No reason for cars and motorbikes were few.
Then the boats came seldom because they travelled long distances and today they come in 2 hours with the speedboats. Then the arrival of boats was welcome for the Mykonos residents received news from their own their emigrants and new supplies for the island.
Then we did not have a harbour and an airport. Now we have two harbours, one for the ferries from Piraeus or Rafina and one for the cruise ships. Then we did not have doctors or hospitals and the women gave birth in their houses with the help of a midwife.



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